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Customer Centric Profit Strategy For Business


Customer Centric Profit Strategy For Business










Companies I’ve Worked With

“Mayank took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

Mayank had been someone you look up to for consistent improvement and handling challenging assignments. 

Ravish Shah

Vice President, Quantzig

Mayank is an achievement-oriented person who focuses on accomplishing his tasks through innovation and diligence.

Anupama Mishra

Associate Director, Capgemini

Mayank is very detail oriented and extremely passionate about the work he does.

Shefali Borge

Lead APAC & AMER, Ivalua

Mayank Bhargava - Profit Strategy Expert

How Do I Know If I Need a Profit Strategy?

What is profit strategy?

Profit Strategy is conscious action plan for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to ensure business profitability. Simply speaking it aims at controlling factors that may otherwise adversely affect profitability.

does it means that business will have to forgo growth?

Never!! New age profit strategy follows customer centric approach. Which means there is constant focus on creating value for customers while ensuring business profitability.  This works favorably for your business in terms of growth as well as profits.

How Do I Know if i need a profit strategy expert?

Current economic situation has made business vulnerable and every available resource should be judiciously used. As a business coach, Mayank can help you with planning, strategy creation as well as optimization of resource to ensure that you remain relevant to your customers today as well as tomorrow. This will help you sustain even in tough situations by generating profits.

Is profit strategy a new field?

No!! This has been around and used by large corporates along with their growth plan. Its simplification is crucial for implementation by Business and Entrepreneurs.

What are key benefits of profit strategy?

Well for starters you improve your profits using same resources. Profit Strategy focuses on increasing value for customers at every touch point. This leads to optimization and improvement across business functions. Most importantly, when your product and service solutions are customer centric, it helps in increasing business from existing clients, as well as acquire new customers becomes easier.

About Mayank Bhargava

Profit Strategy expert

Mayank Bhargava is passionate about strategies and business profits. Having worked more than 14 years in strategy & consulting, Mayank is able to leverage cross business learnings and help business streamline its profits. Mayank is  MBA + MCA with Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Physics. He lives in Delhi with his family.  

"Hi! I am on a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs have a profitable business"



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