Mayank Bhargava - Profit Strategy Expert

"Hi! I am on a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs have a profitable business"

Hey there!! I am Mayank Bhargava, a Profit Strategy Expert with mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs have a profitable business… And this is my story!!

Having worked for companies like Samsung, KPMG, Infiniti etc  for more than 14 years, I decided to take up my learning in the field of Strategy, Sales & Marketing and help entrepreneurs, realize their goals.

My colleagues were surprised why I would do that as I was top performing team member year after year, but this decision was not taken in a day 😊.

You see while working for these companies, working on big consulting projects, running marketing campaigns to get desired sales, I realized that I am good at finding solutions to business problems as well as implementing the solutions.

Ask a struggling retail store, why its sales are poor, and the most common reason they will share is that there is footfall problem. Apparently, this seemingly simple reason is very logical…right!! If you do not have footfall then you do not have sales…it makes a lot of sense for lot of people. But not for me. You see, no footfall, poor footfall are symptoms of bigger problem which is hidden and requires addressing at the core to resolve these issue.

For example, a store might be at the end of the market, where people do not come, so store location is the problem and not footfall. A store might be in middle of the market surrounded by large showrooms and still you may witness footfall issue; inherent reason might be as simple as store visibility within the catchment.

Whatever is the core problem, the very first step in creating a solution lies in identifying root of the problem. There may be a single reason or may be multiple factors coming together and creating a bigger problem and therefore will need different solution.

Let us play a game, lets say you want to become no. 1 player in your industry, tell me what things do you need to work on? Create a rough list. Now tell me, you want to become number 10 player in your industry, tell me what things you need to work on. Review both lists, factors that make you number 1 or number 10 are not that different but solutions deployed to achieve each goal will make a lot of difference. And a profitable business strategy should enable you to identify each factor that is game changer for you at current position to make you profitable as well as drive your progress towards your goals without sacrificing profitability. 

My assignments, my engagements with more than thousand, I mean literally working with more than thousands of businesses over the years helped me hone my expertise in uncovering hidden issues and successfully guide businesses create strategy to become profitable.

When Covid hit us, my mentor asked me to think how I can help more and more businesses become profitable, as strategic understanding of what needs to be done to become profitable has never been so crucial than in recent times . This gave new direction to my mission – to maximize my reach, going beyond conventional one to one consulting method and putting in all my understanding, experience to share effective strategic concepts though simplified programs for entrepreneurs  and small businesses.

Let me summarize story of my life for you

I was born and bought up in Varanasi (Kashi / Banaras), one of the oldest and holiest cities in India. I was a curious kid and loved to challenge status quo. I believe if there is no reason to do a task then why do it??  

My Grandfather owned a printing press, I still remember visiting his press, watching giant automatic machines printing on large sheets of paper and then team of workers cutting paper sheets to make books. I remember talking to my Grandfather & he told me stories…topics varied from Indian mythology to sharing his lessons of life.


There was a period in my life when I saw my father start his business and learnt from his mistakes and success. All this made me ask more questions. Some were answered and some I knocked over when I started my journey in Business Management, Sales and Marketing & Strategy and Planning much later.

Meditation Coding Physics

I had keen interest in meditation, coding and physics since school time and flair for doing things that I was told not to do. My interests had deep impact on subjects that I loved especially Science, but Mathematics was my anti-protagonist. Like so many kids of my age, I hated Maths and my marks were proof for it. It appeared that weak maths will be my dream killer. Well everyone said so!! I could not find logic to why marks in one subject should effect rest of my life. So I decided to make career in field that requires heavy use of applied Maths 😊

I joined graduate program in Physics (Hons) from BHU (Banaras Hindu University). Time spent in BHU rekindles my memory of my batch mates, BHU hostels and much more. I still remember being told by a Professor to refer a specific book and page number for the answer that he expected in the answer sheet 😊. And obviously I choose to write my own answers which pissed him. But this period made Maths my friend. I realized I was not good at remembering formulas but good at application part. 

BHU Banaras Hindu University

I successfully completed Physics (hons) graduate program without flunking in any of the subjects and had Maths and Statistics as side (minor) subjects. To summarize I had super graduation that helped me identify my strengths and gave from me friends for life. 

After graduation, I did MCA from Delhi University, I was good at coding and still love some creative challenge, but I realized that I can do more. I went for an MBA in Marketing (major) and IT (minor).

And boy what a time it was. I discovered my knack for solving business problems, asking the right questions and just after my summer internship, I received pre-placement offer from Infiniti, a consulting company based out from the UK. I had a steep learning and growth curve with Infiniti. I was the youngest Project lead when I got promoted.

I was hired by KPMG and Samsung thereafter. Each company contributed to my skills and equipped me with answers to questions covering all aspects of business.

Especially getting exposed to multi-million marketing plans and pan India strategy planning execution that affected life of not only employees, team members but thousands of business partners as well.

Samsung made me a leader who was not afraid of taking hard decisions but also made me appreciate great teamwork and delicate cohesiveness of winning business elements. Most of all, my entire life journey helped me to uncover purpose of my life.

“I want to help 1 million entrepreneurs have a profitable business”

And once I understood my purpose, I decided to leave my six-figure corporate job to explore entrepreneurship to realize my mission. Now days I stay with my family, successfully running a consulting company.

This is me going on and on about myself, but I believe that this was required for you to know what kind of person I am. I also believe that I can help you have a profitable business by helping you understand your value preposition in much better manner.

I look forward to connecting with you and know more about you. Keep in touch with me by following me on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Telegram and make sure you share your details with me to stay in tune with all that I’m doing.

And I’m glad that you are here today. It can be a start of a successful mutually beneficial professional association.

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me thru this page. My ultimate success will be when I can help you do what you love by finding your purpose in life and create highest possible value through your business.

You are awesome!!!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Profitable



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